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Michael Barragan was born in Queens, New York. He grew up first in Reseda and then lived in Texas before finally traveling to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to pursue a musical career. He played guitar in Plexi for many years and went on to travel the country and Europe with his music. In between touring, he always had several builds going... cars and bikes out of his warehouse and garages in Los Angeles. Eventually, Michael decided to pursue building full-time and opened up Evil Spirit Engineering in 2002. He has specialized in vintage American cars and motorcycles, both restorations and full custom builds. His work has been featured in countless publications and been awarded over and over at bike shows across the nation. Michael continues to create music with several ongoing projects including Drag News (buy/hear the album HERE). Michael is an artist through and through and will stop at nothing to ensure that each finished piece is perfect. Everything is music, everything is collaboration, everything is art.
Working alongside him at the shop in Burbank, CA is his wife and business partner Cassandra Barragan, who is also a photographer and producer. Together, they take on everything from panheads to feature film scores to editorial fashion shoots to the most important of all, their family.

ESE would not be what it is today without the support of these talented and hardworking individuals: Ed Barragan, Tracy, and Holley the shop dog